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ShoWorks Entry Help


Click here for an Online Entry Tutorial 

How do I print youth tags for the youth building? Log in to your ShoWorks account. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner then click “view past transactions”. In the center of the screen, click on “print entry tags”. 

When registering, what do I register as?

Exhibitor: An individual exhibitor.

Quick Group: Individual exhibitors registering as a “quick group” create individual logins and are able to check out with one cart, at one time. After check out, these entries separate and show up as transactions under the individual login.

Team/Company: This allows you to register as a farm name/team/company instead of a “First, Last.”

*USE Team/Company FOR CLUB ENTRIES. Enter the 1 item, then put the child’s name in Description. Then, add similar item and add another child’s name. Repeat for all entries. It enters items as a club and the premium check is cut to the club, as a whole. For FFA teachers registering entire class entries, the students name will be placed in the description. For 4-H Club/Clover leaders, the kid’s name is in description.

Club/School: These are preset in the system with passwords, issued by the fair admin office. This is to log in and look at entries that were submitted with your club name associated.

Entry Dates and Times 

September 15-23, 2023