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The Birthing Center

The fair’s livestock Birthing Center, is an extension of the City Streets, Country Roads Agriculture Awareness Exhibit, located off Machinery Row it is an educational endeavor where the public can witness up close farm animals giving birth and caring for their young. Dr. Cindy Burnsteel of the Western Maryland Veterinary Medical Association helps the Birthing Center run smoothly. She and members of the veterinary association will be on hand throughout the week, volunteering to assist the animals through the birthing process and to answer questions from the public. If you’ve never experienced the giving of birth first hand, the Birthing Center is a “must see” educational and experiential exhibit at the annual county fair. Each day a calf will be born, right in front of huge anticipating audiences. It’s the miracle of life at its best. For many, it’s the first time they’ve ever seen anything being born. On the farm, it’s a way of life. Fair-goers will also get to see a mother pig (sow) give birth, and a mother sheep (ewe) deliver their young. Bleachers will be provided for public viewing convenience.

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The Milky Way

This expanded innovative exhibit showcases Frederick County’s Dairy Industry. When you visit the Milky Way you will see and experience:

• Representation of the six major dairy breeds and information about them

• Hands on activities

• Dairy recipes

• Exhibits about dairy products

• And much more…

Do you have a COW in your refrigerator? Visit the Milky Way to find out.

Beachy Company Milking Facility

Visit this state-of-the-art milking facility for a glimpse of the twice-a-day milking ritual with dairy experts on hand to explain what is going on. The facility built in 2001 provides our Dairy Exhibitors a clean sanitized place to milk their cows during fair week. Monies from the milk are used to maintain the milking facility and to support the Frederick County 4-H Dairy program by providing for additional learning experiences and scholarships for the dairy youth in Frederick County.

Did you know Maryland dairy cows produced an average of 7 gallons of milk or 100 glasses each day? To produce this much milk, a cow consumes 35 gallons of water, 20 pounds of grain and concentrated feeds and 35 pounds of hay and silage in one day. The first cow arrived in the U.S. in 1611. Now, there are over 10 million dairy cows in the U.S.

Each person in Maryland drank an average of 23 gallons of milk last year. Maryland can boast that the first commercial ice cream plant in the world was established in Baltimore by Jacob Fussell in 1841. Today, one of the largest milk processing plants east of the Mississippi River is located in Laurel.

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City Streets, Country Roads

The national-award-winning, City Streets, Country Roads exhibit is the place to be if you want to learn more about agriculture during The Great Frederick Fair. The 80 x 60 foot exhibit area will be packed full of live animal exhibits and educational displays for the full run of the fair.

This is an exhibit the public always looks forward to, with educational displays that include more animal exhibits, hands on activities, and workshops for the whole family. Each year, some 40,000 fair-goers visit City Streets, Country Roads!

There are plenty of fun activities during fair week for children of all ages to enjoy including arts & crafts and a Kid’s Tractor Pedal Pull.

The Sukup Agri-Theater provides Fair goers the opportunity to learn about the grain industry from inside a life sized grain bin.

It's Fiber! Functional & Fun

Located outside Barn 27 This expanded innovative exhibit showcases wool fibers and how they are utilized in our lives everyday. Have you ever thought about where your clothes come from?…sheep, goats, rabbits, alpaca, llama, camel, corn, soy, wood pulp, dog, cotton, etc.

Come experience animal and plant fibers at all stages of production and learn what nature and your clothes have in common. Maybe you will find a sheep in your closet! Lots of free hands on activities are offered in this exhibit.

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Agriculture Education Facts

Download the Ag Fact Sheets

Chaperone Guides

Chaperone Guides are used for the elementary school field trips during The Great Frederick Fair, Frederick County’s Largest Agricultural Classroom. Approximately 6,000 elementary school students attend the fair on field trips and use the chaperone guides to take them around, visiting the 5 zones of learning.

Area 1
The Milky Way (bldg. 35)
Sheep, Goats & Fiber – Tent
The Birthing Center – Tent
Swine (bldg. 25)

Area 2
My Plate Garden
City Streets/Country Roads (CSCR bldg.)
Machinery Row

Area 3
Beef Cattle (bldg. 18)
Longhorns/British Breeds – Tent

Area 4
Farm & Garden (bldg. 14A)
Poultry & Rabbits (bldg. 14)
4-H & FFA (bldg. 12)
Home Arts & Crafts (bldg. 9)

Area 5
Lunch in the Grandstand

Area 6
Horse Tent (Infield)
Outdoor Equine Arena (Infield)

Download the Chaperone Guide Sponsors: 
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South Mountain Creamery – Kit Sponsor

Spuddy Buddy

Spuddy Buddy is an educational tool to teach students the 5 senses.

Download the Game Board

One Foot, Two Foot, Bare Foot, Shoe Foot

Experience this learning activity that promotes reading, writing ,and math skills, building on the theme of the The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss.

The activity booklet directs students and their parents to different stations at the fair where they can measure footprints. Activity booklets include charting, patterns and writing activities and can be picked up at one of the guest relation centers at the fair.

Download One Foot, Two Foot, Bare Foot, Shoe Foot

Fred. Co. Office of Economic Development & Woodsboro Bank

The GFF Coloring Book

The whole fair is here to color however you can imagine!

Download the Coloring Book