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Automated Teller Machines are located throughout the Fairgrounds.


Restroom facilities are open to the public throughout the Fairgrounds.


Mobility Scooters – $8/hour
Manual Wheelchair – $25/day
Strollers, Wagons, Push Cars – $20/day
First Come, First Serve Basis – Driver’s License Required

Located between the Youth Building (12) and the Homegrown Building (13)


A 20′ x 30′ structure tent is available during the 9 days of the Fair for parents of infant children, nursing mothers, and families with an adult special needs situation. The rest area offers a semi-private comfortable enclosure for nursing and/or changing purposes and includes:

  • A changing station (or 2)
  • A nursing area (or 2) that may look similar to a dressing room in a department store with a rocking chair or arm chair for the mother to sit and relax as she nurses
    AND also provides visibility to a center play area in case she has a another child with her, they can play or read in sight!
  • A play area that is somewhat enclosed 2’ or 3’ round/rectangle walls, perhaps with a padded or carpet floor for children to crawl or sit and play. Items in the play area may include: books on bookshelf, toys, play house, not too much but enough to occupy many different age children as their mothers have the opportunity to do what they need to do.
  • Limited complementary items such as: diapers, wipes, cream, etc.
  • Perhaps a table for child to eat while waiting
  • Depending on weather, fans

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